Joe Cobb for Roanoke

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Engaging Our Neighborhoods in Grassroots Conversations &
Strategies to Create a Culture of Growth


Joe Cobb

Joe Cobb lives in Roanoke, Virginia, USA, with his husband, James, and their two children, Ginny and JJ. Their family also includes a daughter, Emma, and her husband, Connor Gwin, and a son, Taylor.

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"I believe our greatest calling as human beings is to love one another by honoring and celebrating what makes us unique and by discovering what we
can create together."

Joe Cobb, Candidate for Roanoke City Council



For me, this calling is centered in the work of Equality and the practice of equity.

When we meet each other in the spirit of Equality, we acknowledge the forces that have historically separated us and find new ways to restore and renew relationship in equitable ways.

As your City Council representative, I promise to practice: 


I understand that not everyone can come to council meetings, nor can their thoughts on big matters affecting our city be condensed to a time limit. I will come to your neighborhood to have real conversations and take your input to city council.


You have issues that are near and dear to your heart. Having a great city means uplifting and empowering everyone, and I will work to champion causes that improve our city and the lives of those who call it home.


I know that actions speak louder than words and commit to taking meaningful action on what’s important to you, whether that be through city council or connecting with leaders on other levels to get things done.

We commit ourselves to:

Creating a city where all are welcome and can thrive regardless of gender, gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, physical abilities, health, or religion.

Creating a vibrant economy where everyone becomes an entrepreneur – from opening a corner lemonade stand, to creating mobile markets in neighborhoods, to founding a global research company whose home is Roanoke.


No longer dividing our city into quadrants, and investing our energy in celebrating and growing our Star City – where each of us, Roanoke’s own #citystars, are living extraordinary lives in extraordinary neighborhoods in an extraordinary city.


Caring about each other’s health - initiating neighborhood conversations on our opioid, heroin and hep-c crisis and creating a grassroots strategy in collaboration with other municipalities to transform this crisis into an awareness of why our health matters and how being healthy will transform our lives and our city.


Meeting our neighbors – no longer allowing fear and isolation to guide us – and through these meetings to inspire new possibilities for education, economic growth, and leadership development that reflect our incredible diversity.


Deepening our understanding and best practices of what it means to be an inclusive city, where all are truly welcome – from our non-discrimination policies and practices to our benefits offered all types of families.