Key Issues


Engaging Our Neighborhoods in Grassroots Conversations and Strategies to Create a Culture of Growth

Roanoke is unique and diverse because of our citizens and the neighborhoods of our city.  When our City Council takes the lead in going to our citizens where we live and work and listens to our voices, our wisdom, and our ideas, then, together, we can create and sustain a vibrant city that reflects all of us.  The best way to create an equitable environment for growth, for every age, is to welcome the wisdom of our citizens and engage them in our decision-making and strategies for a healthy future.

Empowering Equitable Neighborhood Resources to Spark Innovation, Healthy Living and Expanded Transportation

Roanoke is an incubator for creative enterprise.  We are dedicated to inspiring an entrepreneurial spirit, sustaining a strong environment for business growth, apprentice and job training, and living wages for our community workforce, through collaborative and innovative partnerships in our neighborhoods. 

We are dedicated to inspiring healthy living, by addressing the health crises that threaten to tear the fabric of our life together - high blood pressure, stress, chronic disease, nutrition, opioid and heroine addiction - through greater access to health care services and support.

We are dedicated to exploring ways to expand our transportation systems to create greater access to work places, healthcare appointments, and educational opportunities.

Ending Child Homelessness in Roanoke

Roanoke loves our children. The last thing we want to see is any child without a place to call home. Through the leadership of our City Council, our neighborhoods, our schools, our business community, our non-profit sector and our faith communities, we have the wisdom and the resources to collectively end homelessness for children.

Energizing our Creative Spirit to Grow an Inclusive City

Roanoke is a creative city. We are a thriving arts community.  We are a “get out and play” city. We are a festival city.  We are a seven-time All American City. We are a richly diverse city seeking to become a truly inclusive city. While acknowledging our painful history of segregation, we are working to honor our unique gifts and become a city where everyone can shine.